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METASYS compressors supply you with maximum qualitative and clinical standards. The innovative stroke and motor technology ensures low noise and regular build-up of pressure. The varnish coating inside the tank is applied using components guaranteeing that air reserves are maintained as high as possible.

Solutions from METASYS fulfil highest demands and thus meet the extremely tough requirements suctions systems have to face. Even after several hours of continuous operation and permanent work loads consistently strong suction power can be guaranteed.

With an amalgam separator by METASYS you trust in well-proved technology of the market leader: world-wide already more than 20.000 devices have been installed.

With its modular structure and separation ratio of 98.6% (according to the German DIN standard) achieved by pre-sedimentation and dynamic separation, the MST 1 is a milestone of modern dental technology in services to the environment. The integral self-cleaning function reduces the cost of maintenance to a minimum.